Welcome to BEARE Cattle Farms - Estelline, SD
Mike & Roger Beare are the third generation to live and work on the Beare Family farm, located 6 miles west and 1 1/2 miles north of Estelline, SD just off of Hwy 28.

Both Mike & Roger have been involved in the raising of club calves for several years and began with only owning a few cows. The farming operation has grown to include a 150 cow herd which consists of commercial, purebred Simmental, and purebred Maine Anjou with an annual club calf pasture sale each Fall. In addition, grain farming has been incorporated into the overall operation.

In 2008, Beare Cattle Farms LLC was formed and Mike & Roger's uncle, Ronald Beare, became a partner in the operation along with their aunt, Linda Beare. Tianna Beare serves as the business manager for the company. Artificial insemination, embryo transfer, and selection of dams and sires with strong phenotype and genotype traits have led to the production of cattle that are sought by breeders, club calf enthusiasts, and commercial feeders. The operation began a veterinarian directed Johnes free certification testing program in 2009.

In 2010 the Cow Sense herd management software system was incorporated to improve record keeping and obtain information for analytical and bench marking decisions.



Estelline, SD

19258 459th Ave.
Estelline, SD 57234 
Email: mtbeare@itctel.com
Mike: 605-690-8019

19685 464th Ave.
Bruce, SD 57220
Email: stephaniegmack@hotmail.com
Roger: 605-690-5095
Stephanie: 605-520-6096

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